Fonetiikkaa suomen kielen oppijoille

Fonetiikkaa suomen kielen oppijoille

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Aho Eija, Nikonen Mari ja Huhtaniemi, Aino

Fonetiikkaa suomen kielen oppijoille (Phonetics for Finnish learners) is targeted at both advanced Finnish learners and teachers of Finnish as a second or foreign language. It provides a popular introduction to the key elements of phonetics. For others interested in phonetics, it also acts as a good primer for existing works covering the basics of phonetics. Thanks to its relatively simple language, a B2 learner should be able to read the book without assistance.

The illustrations are as important as the text. You will get a good general overview of the content by just looking at the pictures and reading the accompanying captions. The book prepares learners for practising and analysing Finnish pronunciation. No previous knowledge of phonetics is required to use this book.

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