Hoitotyön suomea

Hoitotyön suomea

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Komppa Johanna

Hoitotyön suomea (Finnish for Care Work) provides a comprehensive collection of practical Finnish exercises related to the caring industry. The collection contains games and exercises from level A1 all the way up to level C. The tasks have been designed for S2 training in the caring industry (that is, with Finnish as a second language), but some are also suitable for other types of language teaching.
The exercises teach a versatile vocabulary for the caring industry, and the dialogues prepare you for practical situations that you will encounter during care work. The word explanation games encourage an open-minded approach to using the language, and the role-playing games enable students to experience situations from the perspective of both personnel and patient. The material also contains top-quality, detailed illustrations of the main parts of the human body.
The games and exercises in Hoitotyön suomea can be photocopied for educational purposes, as long as the school has a valid copying permit.

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